We are offering the following administrative services:


A – Accounting services:

Accounting services are organized according to the General Chart of Accounts. Any member of the Community may review it at any time.
This service provides a follow-up of expenses, incomes, outstanding invoices and annual budget.


B – Organizing extrajudicial and judicial collection of the community fees:

1) Extrajudicial collection is done monthly through a revision of every owner’s account balance and subsequent claim through registered letters and telegrams.

2) Judicial collection starts should the previous mentioned fails.


C – Legal advice:

Being a solicitor myself, I am in the position to fully advice all owners on any legal matter in relation to the Community affairs, as well as the interpretation of the Horizontal Property Act, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, etc.


D – Maintenance service:

As Administrator, I am in contact with maintenance companies through both mobile and land phone. This is done on daily basis in order to be able to solve specific maintenance problems, including weekends, public holidays and off hours.


Other services:


  • Organizing and preparing everything for General and Board Meetings (sending information and invitations in written and attending the Meetings).
  • Making minutes and custody of the documents.
  • Preparation, issuing and management of the receipts.
  • Seeing to the completion of the minutes agreed upon on the Meetings.
  • Etc.